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Actually good Google fonts

This article is more for me than you, I keep forgetting about the few actually good fonts in Google’s font library then rediscovering them months later. Below is an extract about toast from Dante and the Lobster by Samuel Beckett. Click the font choices to preview the font(s).

I added Georgia (the font I use on this blog) as sort of a control, to remind you that sometimes the exact font you need is already installed and available just about everywhere.

Playfair Display & Crimson Text
Montserrat & Roboto
Raleway & Roboto Slab
Bentham & Unna

Dante and the Lobster

It was now that real skill began to be required, it was at this point that the average person began to make a hash of the entire proceedings. He laid his cheek against the soft of the bread, it was spongy and warm, alive. But he would very soon take that plush feel off it, by God but he would very quickly take that fat white look off its face. He lowered the gas a suspicion and plaqued one flabby slab plump down on the glowing fabric, but very pat and precise, so that the whole resembled the Japanese flag. Then on top, there not being room for the two to do evenly side by side, and if you did not do them evenly you might just as well save yourself the trouble of doing them at all, the other round was set to warm. When the first candidate was done, which was only when it was black through and through, it changed places with its comrade, so that now it in its turn lay on top, done to a dead end, black and smoking, waiting till as much could be said of the other.

For the tiller of the field the thing was simple, he had it from his mother. The spots were Cain with his truss of thorns, dispossessed, cursed from the earth, fugitive and vagabond. The moon was that countenance fallen and branded, seared with the first stigma of God's pity, that an outcast might not die quickly. It was a mix-up in the mind of the tiller, but that did not matter. It had been good enough for his mother, it was good enough for him.


14th February 2015
Redesigned the whole page so it’s less of a crazy mess and you can preview the fonts in context.
12th September 2014
Added Lato.
10th September 2014
Added Cardo and switched back to Source Sans Pro. Sorry Alegreya Sans.